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What is is an neutral Internet Exchange for access providers, carriers, data centres, content delivery networks, non-profit organizations and hosters. Essentially, for everyone who want peering.

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What is an Internet Exchange?

An Internet Exchange allows networks to interconnect on an common network structure providing low-latency, high-bandwidth and cost-effectively.

When it comes to cloud and infrastructure solutions, we rely on our partner Securebit.
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Worldwide Locations!

We are located in different Countries around the globe and promote an open peering policy.

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Internet Exchange Point

Autonomous System

What is an Autonomous System (AS)?

The Internet is a network that consists of several networks. Autonomous Systems are the large networks that make up the Internet and have a unified routing policy. Every device or computer connected to the Internet is in an Autonomous System (AS).

A autonomous system can be compared to a post office. Mail is routed from post office to post office until it reaches the correct post office. The appropriate post office then delivers the mail to the appropriate address.

Data packets similarly traverse the Internet by being routed from autonomous system to autonomous system until they reach the autonomous system (AS) that contains the destination IP address.

Autonomous System Number


ASN 16bit IPv6 /44 BundleASN 32bit IPv6 /44 Bundle
Price 75.00 Annually 75.00 Annually
Setup 5,000.00 One-off 60.00 One-off
IPv6 /44 /44

What is an Autonomous System Number?

An autonomous system number is a unique identifier (number) that is globally available and allows the autonomous system to exchange routing information with other systems.

AS numbers (ASNs), are unique 16 bit numbers between 1 and 65534 or 32 bit numbers between 131072 and 4294967294..

What is an AS routing policy?

An AS routing policy is a list of the IP address space that the autonomous system controls and a list of the other autonomous systems to which it is connected. This information is required for routing packets to the correct networks. This information is advertised by autonomous systems to the Internet via the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).